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Not quite just a group of peeps in a house

Ek Se

by Siseko M Gwegwe


The brand new Big Brother season comes through on the night of October 5th 2014. That’s in what? A week? Yup, go crazy.

So what is it about this television programme? Well, it is like welcoming new friends in your circle. To hang out with. Without having to talk to.

This season will once again tell us whether being a sweet human being, or being an intelligent one, being an ass-kisser because you’re plain or   being damn good-looking can best get you through life.

Take season 8 winner, Dillish from Namibia. She had such a boring character that an 80-year-old man would tell her so. But she became a finalist. How? Peeps kept voting for her. Why? Her face was so pretty that it challenged  a five-year-old’s. We pretty much learnt just how powerful a pretty face can be in this life. Ask that girly-faced…

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