The Beats. The Bose. And An Apple

Something kind of funny is going on. I’m not sure if it’s me who enjoys a laugh or the world is orbiting so fast that things are really happening. Earlier in the year, Apple splashed $3 billion (R33 billion) on buying Beats from Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre and company. The Beats acquisition comprised of the Beats by Dre headphones line and the newly established subscription music app, Beats Music. Things went well. Both Jimmy and Dre joined Apple (while some people are still waiting on the Detox album Dr. Dre once said to look out for many moons ago).


Fast forward five months later, to recent times. It’s done. Apple owns Beats Electronics. It’s one of their own now, they’re them – anything affecting the Beats brand, affects the Apple brand. While I can’t tell you all of the products or brands sold at Apple stores, I can tell you this; I’ve only been inside Apple stores two or three times ever since they’ve launched in South Africa, I don’t own any Apple product nor any Beats headphones, and I’ll admit it I’m a fan of their work. On my very few and brief visits inside the store, I don’t remember spotting any hardware with another brand’s logo (of cause, I could’ve been looking in the wrong way).
Apparently, before the acquisition of the Beats business, Apple sold Bose speakers and headphones in both their offline and online stores. That’s until recently. Now, the latest on the internet streets: Apple is preparing to remove all Bose audio products from their retail stores. And I’ve checked the online store, Bose is not the only audio product sold by Apple.


In July, two moths after Apple closed the Beats deal, Bose filed a lawsuit against Beats for patent infringement, claiming Beats copied their noise-cancelling technology. During this week, American football quarterback Colin Kaepernick was fined $10 000 (R110 000) by the National Football League for appearing on TV wearing a pair of pink Beats headphones in support of breast cancer awareness. Guess what. Bose is the official sponsor of the NFL and had imposed on their T&Cs that players are prohibited from endorsing (unapproved) products when making interviews.


I always believed the world is some sort of playground and we’re all kids playing in it.


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