New life for Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Steve Jobs’


I don’t usually pay such close attention to Hollywood gossip, but covering Apple is my business, Walter Isaacson was my editor, and Aaron (TheWest Wing, The Social Network) Sorkin is my favorite screenwriter.

So ever since Sony Pictures bought the movie rights to Isaacson’s Steve Jobs and hired Sorkin to write the screenplay, I’ve been rooting for this project to succeed — to do justice to its mercurial subject where previous feature-length movies fell short.

Sorkin’s approach sounded interesting: Avoid the predictable biopic narrative and tell Jobs’ story in three dramatic acts, each built around a key product unveiling.

It’s been a bumpy ride. A change of directors. A couple false starts casting the lead. And then a whole new studio.

On Monday, less than a week after Sony dropped the picture, Universal Studios picked it up. According to the Hollywood Reporter, which broke the…

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