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Fashion| PUMA x BWGH Spring/Summer 2015 Collection


Puma meets BWGH to continue to collaborateand deliver a new release for the Spring/Summer 2015 season. Continuing on with a trio of R968 runners joined by a pair of backpacks, sporting the line’s established pastel-hued, pared back aesthetic. These two designing power houses take to these three softly-toned sneakers – sidebar: those off-white joints are looking particularly flavorsome – sport chenille detailing and ride on supportive Trinomic sole units, joined by a pair of pretty run-of-the-mill mountain-style backpacks.

Stay tuned for the line when it hits retailers imminently.

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Hacking group Lizard Squad claims responsibility for Facebook outage


Hacking group Lizard Squad said Tuesday it was responsible for an outage that took down a handful of major social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Tinder overnight.

If confirmed, it would be the latest eye-catching hack by a group that came to prominence last year by its repeated Distributed Denial of Service attacks on networked computer games. The group also claimed to have made a successful attack on the Internet in North Korea in December, in what appeared to be a retaliation for the allegedly North Korean-ordered hack of Sony Pictures to stop it releasing “The Interview”, a comedy about a plot to assassinate President Kim Jong-Il.

However, Facebook later denied it had been hacked, telling the Wall Street Journal that the outage was due to a “change that affected our configurations systems.”

Facebook and Tinder users suffered an outage of just under an hour, while Instagram users were…

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Miseducated Ones

Juju Films

Those with Western style education always seem to know what is right for the uneducatedpoor masses. They speak better English than the English man yet with all their education they can’t figure Boko Haram an organization sworn against western style education. So hiding guns in bibles they spread lies of a ceasefire assuming the people are uneducated to understand the lie. Ogbeni Ayotunde

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