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Brian Grazer’s wonderful life


The Hollywood producer Brian Grazer has a new book out, “A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life,” and he is making the rounds to promote it. The Wall Street Journal’s Alexandra Wolfe published a fine interview with him over the weekend. Grazer and his co-author excerpted some anecdotes from the book on The Daily Beast Wednesday.

Then on Wednesday night the Silicon Valley bigshot venture capitalists Marc Andreessen and Ron Conway co-hosted a book party for Grazer at the trendy San Francisco offices of Pinterest, with Andreessen ably sitting in the interviewer chair. (The Netscape co-founder was in the other seat just last week with Fortune’s Dan Primack.)

Cutting straight to the chase, Grazer is simply fascinating. The bulk of his conversation with Andreessen, and presumably the book, was about the unusual practice Grazer developed as a new college graduate of requesting meetings with interesting people simply to…

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