This company wants to be the ESPN of eSports


Casey Wehr, CEO and founder of PVP Live, wants his company to become the “ESPN of eSports.”

ESPN has largely ignored eSports outside of a partnership with MLG that pipes X-Games eSports through the ESPN3 digital channel and the recent first-ever ESPN: The Magazine video game issue.

PVP Live, meanwhile, is a startup that has big aspirations, and some big viewership and engagement numbers to back up its goals after spending a year in stealth mode.

“ESports fans are some of the most passionate and dedicated audiences across all interests, easily comparable to traditional sports,” Wehr says. “And yet they have extremely limited options compared to their cousins in traditional sports. A baseball fan can get live stats, streaming video, newsletters, desktop widgets, mobile apps, satellite channels—the list is nearly endless. But for eSports fans, the options are essentially low-fi streaming tournaments and blogs. We believe eSports fans deserve the…

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